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Opening Hours : Monday to Friday - 8am to 5pm
  Contact : 02 9131 2111

Specialist Consulting

Sydney Gut Clinic is a team of highly trained, skilled and experienced Gastrointestinal Specialists; with practitioners carefully and specifically selected for their area of interest, where they completed additional training to be experts in their chosen area, as well as having expertise in general gastroenterology. Our specialist treat from the throat to the anus; dealing with the throat, stomach, liver, pancreas, small and large intestine (also known as the colon or bowel).

Our specialists have considerable training and experience as well as being highly skilled in Endoscopy Investigation, which allows them to interpret symptoms, signs, biopsies and other information to lead to an accurate diagnosis, in the most efficient manner. Several of our specialists are also able to perform some procedures which other Gastrointestinal Specialists may have to refer out, making the experience as a patient easier as procedures are minimised.

Typically patients are referred by their treating doctor/GP, but patients are welcome to come direct, however if you are covered by Medicare, to be eligible for the Medicare rebate, you will need a referral from your doctor/GP; a referral also assists in expediting your appointment.

To make an appointment, you can contact us or send a request via our online booking form.

On the day of your appointment

  • Doctor/GP referral – if you haven’t already sent it to us via email or the online form
  • Medicare Card
  • Health Fund Card
  • Pension Card
  • Veterans Affairs Card (DVA)
  • Bring any test results that are relevant to the consult (i.e. Blood test results, Stool test results, ultrasound report and film, x-ray report and film, CT report and film, MRI report and film)

Please arrive 15 minutes before your appointment time as we will need to gather your information prior to you seeing any of our specialists.

For more information about appointments, please refer First Appointment Information.

​Get In Touch

Sydney Gut Clinic is currently operating at our regular hours. Kindly note that in light of the current pandemic, we are taking every precaution to prevent any chance of infection. Patients are screened before they enter the building and we space our appointments out to reduce the amount of people in the clinic at one time. Please note that telehealth service is available to patients that meet the government's criteria. Please call the rooms for more information.