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Fact Sheets

The Gastroenterological Society of Australia (GESA) is Australia’s main organisation for gastroenterology and hepatology. Courtesy of GESA, following are fact sheets to help inform you on gut health, aliments and advice.

Dietary Advice

Take greater control of your gut health through the dietary advice provided to you in the fact sheets below. If you have received dietary advice from your doctor as part of your treatment or condition management strategy, our fact sheets will help you understand how to plan your diet and how to maintain proper digestive health.

Gastrointestinal Ailments

The fact sheets below will outline digestive conditions that affect your gut health and will help you understand each condition better. Please note that these fact sheets are merely for reference. If you believe you are experiencing symptoms of a gastroenterological condition, please speak to a doctor for diagnosis and treatment.

Digestive Health

Download our fact sheets to find out more about your digestive system and what it takes to maintain good gut health.

Gastrointestinal Procedures

Find out more about common gastrointestinal procedures that are used for diagnostic and treatment-related purposes through our fact sheets below.

Sydney Gut Clinic is currently operating at our regular hours. Kindly note that in light of the current pandemic, we are taking every precaution to prevent any chance of infection. Patients are screened before they enter the building and we space our appointments out to reduce the amount of people in the clinic at one time. Please note that telehealth service is available to patients that meet the government's criteria. Please call the rooms for more information.